It was talent. It was hard work. It was leadership. It was all of these traits mixed and jelled almost to perfection. Mr. Baydoun seems to be on a sacred mission. Nothing will deter or stop him from extracting the best from everyone who had a part in this fabulous production. What’s most amazing is that he had made it a community project. The volunteers who happily donated their time and expertise add another dimension to this show and so here it is: CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB VERY WELL DONE!

Mrs. Fayza Nasser, our dedicated social worker at Stout middle School wrote this after watching the Addams Family Musical. I am sure she is expressing what every one of us at Stout felt.

“STC does it again! Rashid’s (Rashid Baydoun) commitment and hard work pays off once again. I am extremely proud of our kiddos, but again they have a great leader whose passion ignites our kids to perform and make stout proud. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do. Not only is he a idol in our school, he’s a role model to their entire Dearborn public schools. Me and my family enjoyed the show! I applaud all the STC crew for their hard work and amazing talents. ♥️”